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The Official Rules Of Booing

©Charles Welch

Booing is an inalienable right, a Natural right, and considered to be self-evident and universal

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, Booing and the pursuit of Happiness.

-Thomas Jefferson

To BOO, or not to BOO, that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer player errors and losses, Or to BOO against a sea of troubles And by opposing end them.

-William Shakespeare

 99.9% of all fans BOO during any given game or event.

As a BOO Bird there are some Universal Rules and General Guidelines of Booing and behavior-

  • Rule 1-An Injured Player-  

Never Ever BOO or Cheer when a player is injured

-Completely unacceptable to BOO, Cheer, or celebrate an injury to a player-remember they are playing a game and have a life to live and an injury could affect that. Only a cold-hearted, ignorant and mean spirited person would do this. It is acceptable to applaud or cheer for the player when he is leaving the field-usually the player will give a thumbs up to the crowd to let them know he is O.K.

  • Rule 2-Profanity- Profanity at any level is unacceptable behavior. Chanting profanity is just uncouth. People of a higher moral standard and Children are in attendance and should not be subject to such word conjugations

    • The "No Mothers Rule" or "No Moms" please no reference to players, entertainers or other fans Mother or their family lineage-please only play "The Dozens" with close friends .If you are thinking of starting a sentence with "Your Mother" or "Your Mama" stop right away.


  • Rule 3-Racial/Ethnic/Homophobic/Sexist Comments or Remarks- Completely unacceptable behavior-think before you say something demeaning or stupid

  • Rule 4-Fan Interference- completely unacceptable behavior , you are there as a member of an audience watching a performer succeed or fail on their own efforts. Any interference should be dealt with ejection and a banning from the sport for life.


  • Rule 5-Running on to the playing field - never acceptable behavior, the penalty in all cases should result in you being shot by a Taser, ejection, arrest and a banning from the sport for life. And please keep your clothes on!


  • Rule 6-Throwing objects on to the playing field or at players and other fans - unacceptable behavior. This includes baseballs, hockey pucks, bottles, batteries, drink cups and snowballs. This action could result in an injury to an athlete or a fan. Should be dealt with ejection and a banning from the sport for life.


    • Exception - At hockey games it is seemingly acceptable to throw hats after a "Hat Trick" 

    • Exception In Detroit they throw octupi-The octopus first made its appearance on April 15, 1952, during the Red Wings' Stanley Cup playoff run.

      Two Detroit brothers, Pete and Jerry Cusimano - storeowner's in Detroit's Eastern Market - threw the eight-legged cephalopod on the ice at Olympia Stadium. Each tentacle of the octopus was symbolic of a win in the playoffs. Back then, the NHL boasted only six teams, and eight wins (two best-of-seven series) were needed to win the Stanley Cup. The Red Wings swept the series that year, and the Octopus has come to be the good luck charm ever since.

      The tradition carried over to Joe Louis Arena on opening night in 1979 when several found their way onto the ice.

      During the 1995 playoffs, Bob Dubisky and Larry Shotwell, co-workers at a meat and seafood retail company near Detroit, tossed a 38-pound octopus onto the ice during the National Anthem prior to Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. The year after, the duo struck again with a 50-pounder in the Conference Finals. Although the feat received no airtime on the nationally broadcast game, the octopus was proudly displayed on the hood of the Zamboni between periods.

    • Exception -Rock Concerts- Some women have been known to throw various undergarments at the stage during rock concerts- no reports of any injuries have ever been reported

    • Exception -Flowers or Roses-it is customary to throw flowers onstage after a performance by a performer, especially at a curtain call. 


  • Rule 7-Fighting or any Violent Behavior-No fan should be involved in any fighting or violent behavior-including spitting -extremely unacceptable behavior. Players also should not be involved in fighting or spitting.

    • Exception for players -in Hockey fighting is part of the game- also MMA and Boxing (both are a match where two people engage in a contest of strength, reflexes, and endurance by fighting- the participants are referred to as fighters)

  • Rule 8-Youth Sports BOOing is not acceptable at all in youth sports. Young athletes are in their formative years both physically and more importantly mentally. They are learning the games and it should be a pressure free enjoyable experience. The parents, coaches and adults involved must set a good example for the children involved and behave properly.


  • Rule 9-High School Sports BOOing is acceptable at the High School Level. Young athletes by this time have acquired the skills and confidence to excel. Part of the fun of High School Sports is the friendly rivalry between schools and cheering for the home team and booing the visiting team is an integral part of the overall experience.


  • Rule 10-College Sports BOOing is acceptable at the Collegiate Level. The athletes by this time are young adults have acquired the skills and confidence to excel. Part of the fun of College Sports is the friendly rivalry between schools and cheering for the home team and booing the visiting team is an integral part of the overall experience.


  • Rule 11-Professional Sports Booing is mandatory at the professional Level. These are highly paid athletes and being BOOed is part of the game. 


  • Rule 12-Home Team Players-It is acceptable to BOO a player for poor performance lack of effort or hustle, poor sportsmanship, bad behavior on the field or off the field, use of performance enhancing drugs, drugs, alcohol abuse, spousal abuse or any other illegal behavior. If a player says bad things about the fans or city he plays in BOOing is mandatory.


  • Rule 13-Visiting Team Players-It is acceptable to BOO a Visiting Team Player for any reason!


  • Rule 14-Home or Visiting Team Family Members-completely unacceptable behavior-they are not players and should be able to watch the game as you BOO their relatives.


  • Rule 15-Home Team Coach or Manager-It is acceptable to BOO if they are continually making bad strategic moves.


  • Rule 16-Visiting Team Coach or Manager -It is acceptable to BOO a Visiting Team Coach or Manager for any reason!

  • Rule 17-Officials - It is acceptable to BOO an Official if they make a bad call. Most Officials make the right call 99.9% of the time.

  • Rule 18-Opposing Fans -It is acceptable to BOO Opposing Fans for any reason! Remember no profanity, physical contact  or any reference to their Mother. 

  • Rule 19-Santa Claus -It is acceptable to BOO Santa Claus if you were Nice and Not Naughty and really got stiffed for Christmas. Also If Santa Claus is Skinny, Mean or Drunk or any combination there of. Santa Claus is supposed to be Round, Sober  and Jolly!

  • Rule 20-Anthem Singer - It is acceptable to BOO an anthem Singer if they do not know the words or they perform their "Artistic Interpretation" of the National Anthem. Do Not BOO during the anthem-applaud and cheer after the anthem-

    BOO the singer as they are walking off the field-Exception Jimi Hendrix's rendition of The Star Spangled Banner at Woosdstock.

  • Rule 21-Team Management/Owner-It is acceptable to BOO the Team Management/Owner if they continually draft poorly , make disastrous trades and interfere with the coaches, players, games or are in general obnoxious . 

  • Rule 22-Draft Picks- It is acceptable to BOO Draft Picks although blatantly unfair to them. The BOOing is directed more at the Team's decision then the actual player.

  • Rule 23-Cheerleaders- Never Ever BOO a Cheerleader, sometimes they are the only ones giving a good performance

  • Rule 24-Sports Reporters/Announcers - It is acceptable to BOO a Sports Reporter if they are biased, a former player of a rival team or just really a bad reporter 

  • Rule 25-Team Mascot- It is acceptable to BOO the team Mascot if he continually is getting in the way of your view of the game or steals away your girlfriend/boyfriend
  • Rule 26 -Politicians-It is mandatory to BOO politicians- look at the state of our world- Democrat, Republican, Right Wing, Left Wing, Tea Party, Socialist, Communist, Green, Conservative -BOO them all!

  • Rule 27 Entertainers-BOOing an Entertainer is acceptable if their performance is bad. It is also the only way you can get any entertainment value for spending money  to attend  a really bad movie or concert.

  • Rule 28 The Opera- It is a tradition of opera fans worldwide to BOO a poor performance

  • Rule 29 Hooliganism/Rioting- setting fires, looting, turning cars over, fighting other fans, fighting police and total anarchy are not appropriate behavior to celebrate a win/championship or a devastating loss


  • Rule 30 Murder- Killing or injuring a referee/umpire/official is not appropriate behavior, even though it might seem like the right thing to do at the time because you lost all your money on a foolish bet, it really is frowned upon by society


If you have any suggestions, additions or modifications of The Official Rules Of Booing please send them to us!